Smith Wesson Bodyguard 380

Here is a list of S&W Bodyguard 380 reviews: both on the gun and the various bits of gear that can go with the gun.  Holsters, aftermarket sights, trigger jobs and ammo are all list here with more listed in the future.

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Gun Reviews

Holster Reviews

  • The RKBA tuckable IWB holster.
  • Generic Uncle Mike’s IWB holster.
  • DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster for the Bodyguard.

Other Bodyguard 380 Gear Reviews

  • Speer Gold Dot ammo test.
  • Extra magazines for the Bodyguard 380.

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I prefer to have a little.380 on my person when dealt with than an M1 Container stored at my house or retreat, where I can not reach it. Bear in mind, the very first guideline of a gun battle is to have a weapon. No, I’m not suggesting you sell your shotguns and rifles and go buy wallet handguns, exactly what I am saying, is that these little handguns have a definite place in the all-round survival toolbox. Consider it …

The Bodyguard is a good option for ladies, and would be appropriate for essentially anybody unless they experienced from some sort of impairment that renders their hands unusually weak. Once more, because of the size of the weapon, a lot of will certainly be lured to pattern the slide by squeezing it between the thumb and a crinkled initial finger. The most effective– and effective way– to cycle a semiautomatic pistol slide (.22 Quality Rugers being an apparent exception) is always to grab the slide between the palm and fingertips– knuckles directing up– with the lengthy left thumb pointing to the right (if best handed) and toward the shooter. This not only allows the shooter to try to keep an effective grip on the pistol and keep it on target, it enables them to make use of more of their hand and arm strength, though with the bodyguard, reasonably little is needed. Unless one has abnormally big hands, that need to be conveniently done with this weapon and there is absolutely nothing to squeeze or cut the fingers, not that I have actually found anyway.